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Service Items

  • Initial inspection1
  • In-line inspection
  • Pre shipment inspection
  • 100% inspection
  • Container loading supervision
  • Factory audit

No matter which service type you choose, we always adhere to a fair, just and rigorous attitude.

We always stand in the position of third parties, verify and inspect the quality, quantity, packaging and other indicators of products according to national standards or inspection agreements, so as to provide fair services for third parties to evaluate the quality level of the whole batch of products. Adhering to the fairness and objectivity of quality ....[MORE]

Inspection sharing

  • Footwear inspection
  • Ceramic inspection
  • Solar panel inspection
  • Fitness equipment inspection
  • Clothing inspections
  • Electronic product inspection
  • Stainless steel inspection
  • Packaging inspection
  • Bag inspections


  • Strong credibility
  • Cross industry and cross region
  • Wide inspection range
  • More reasonable price
  • More considerate service
  • Short inspection cycle
  • Provide technical support